Damon & Naomi shows in 2001

24th March 2001 Lees Palace, Toronto, Canada
25th March 2001 Babylon, Ottawa, Canada
26th March 2001 Casa del Populo, Montreal, Canada
9th May 2001 Knitting Factory, New York NY, USA
10th May 2001 Brattle Theater, Cambridge MA, USA
11th May 2001 Schubas, Chicago IL, USA
15th May 2001 Garage, London, UK
16th May 2001 Little Civic, Wolverhampton, UK
17th May 2001 Hop and Grapes, Manchester, UK
19th May 2001 Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, UK
20th May 2001 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, UK
23rd May 2001 VPRO radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands
24th May 2001 Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands
26th May 2001 Guignette Pirate, Paris, France
27th May 2001 Gasteszena, San Sebastian, Spain
29th May 2001 Sala Quatre, Valencia, Spain
31st May 2001 Intersecciones Fest, Oviedo, Spain
1st June 2001 Nasti, Madrid, Spain
2nd June 2001 (unknown), Barcelona, Spain
11th July 2001 Knitting Factory, New York NY, USA
12th July 2001 Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline MA, USA
30th August 2001 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA, USA
1st September 2001 Bumbershoot, Seattle WA, USA

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