Damon & Naomi shows in 2003

20th February 2003 Middle East, Cambridge MA, USA
21st February 2003 Southpaw, Brooklyn NY, USA
22nd February 2003 Tonic, New York NY, USA
15th May 2003 Oni Gallery, Boston MA, USA
24th May 2003 Tolbooth, Stirling, UK
28th May 2003 Bush Hall, London, UK
22nd June 2003 Middle East, Cambridge MA, USA
10th September 2003 TT the Bears, Cambridge MA, USA
11th September 2003 Bowery Ballroom, New York NY, USA
13th September 2003 Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA, USA
7th October 2003 Water Rats, London, UK
10th October 2003 Dieselectriques festival, Brest, France
12th October 2003 Cafe de la Danse, Paris, France

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