Damon & Naomi shows in 2009

14th January 2009 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, UK
15th January 2009 The Luminaire, London, UK
16th January 2009 Ze Dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal
17th January 2009 Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal
18th January 2009 Vademecum, Vigo, Spain
20th January 2009 Acapulco, Gijon, Spain
21st January 2009 Matadero, Huesca, Spain
22nd January 2009 Zero, Tarragona, Spain
30th January 2009 Sonic, Lyon, France
31st January 2009 Festival MoFo, St-Ouen, Paris, France
21st March 2009 La Limonaia, Fucecchio, Firenze, Italy
22nd March 2009 Mattatoio, Carpi, Modena, Italy
23rd March 2009 (venue tba), Arezzo, Italy
24th March 2009 Tetris, Trieste, Italy
25th March 2009 Zuni, Ferrara, Italy
3rd September 2009 Dulcimer, Manchester, UK
4th September 2009 Cafe Oto, London UK
5th September 2009 Cafe de Paris, Paris, France
6th September 2009 Espace En Cours, Paris, France
17th September 2009 Il Motore, Montreal, Canada
18th September 2009 YMCA Theatre, Cambridge, MA, USA
19th September 2009 Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, USA
19th September 2009 Sound Fix Records, Brooklyn, NY, USA
20th September 2009 Rock N Roll Hotel, Washington DC, USA
24th September 2009 The Melting Point, Athens, GA, USA
25th September 2009 The Earl, Atlanta, GA, USA
26th September 2009 The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN, USA
8th October 2009 Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, USA
9th October 2009 Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA, USA
9th October 2009 Independent, San Francisco, CA, USA
10th October 2009 Nocturnum, Eureka, CA, USA
11th October 2009 Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR, USA
12th October 2009 Doug Fir, Portland, OR, USA
13th October 2009 Tractor, Seattle, WA, USA
15th October 2009 Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
16th October 2009 High Dive, Denver, CO, USA
4th November 2009 The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
7th November 2009 Garo, Misawa, Japan
8th November 2009 Cafe Mozart Atelier, Sendai, Japan
10th November 2009 Jive, Hiroshima, Japan
11th November 2009 Urban Guild, Kyoto, Japan
12th November 2009 K.D Japon, Nagoya, Japan
14th November 2009 Tsukimiru kimiomofu, Tokyo, Japan

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