Damon & Naomi shows in 2010

30th January 2010 92YTribeca, New York, NY, USA
31st January 2010 Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA, USA
30th April 2010 The Old Market, Hove, UK
1st May 2010 The Luminaire, London, UK
2nd May 2010 Philips Church, Salford, Manchester, UK
3rd May 2010 The Harley, Sheffield, UK
4th May 2010 Mono, Glasgow, UK
6th May 2010 Cardiff Arts Institute, Cardiff, UK
7th May 2010 The Fleece, Bristol, UK
8th May 2010 Teatre de Lloseta, Mallorca, Spain
10th May 2010 Heliogabal, Barcelona, Spain
11th May 2010 Mains DOeuvre, Paris, France
12th May 2010 Le Lounge, Marseille, France
13th May 2010 Le Baloard, Montpellier, France
14th May 2010 Galeri Poggi, Paris, France
16th May 2010 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland
8th August 2010 OFF Festival, Katowice, Poland
15th October 2010 The Temple, Jamaica Plain MA, USA
29th October 2010 Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USA
30th October 2010 Feeding Tube Records, Northampton, MA, USA
3rd December 2010 Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria, Santander, Spain
4th December 2010 Fotomatón, Madrid, Spain
5th December 2010 Cafe and Pop Torgal, Ourense, Spain
6th December 2010 Sonic, Lyon, France
14th December 2010 Les Voutes, Paris, France
17th December 2010 The Haymakers, Cambridge, UK
18th December 2010 Borderline, London, UK

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